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97% customer

19 award-winning

3000+ business
leaders trained

When it comes to online sales, what we believe in is not PPC,
not SEO, and not even a good website…

  • Over 1800 satisfied customers.

  • Nearly 900 websites set up

  • An annual PPC budget at a value of USD 30,585,424.

  • 550+ professional presentations

  • Sales to 7 countries.

  • 10 webshops winning ‘Webshop of the Year’ award and 9 award-winning websites.

  • We work on your business as if it was our own.

  • The biggest success: from zero to USD 1,000,000 in 3 months

  • Total sales revenue of our clients is close to USD 30 million / year

  • 100% guarantee that there will be a sale: Since June 2015, we have not had a project where we have not generated money.

Verified advertising on a pay-per-click basis

Increase your revenues with TikTok, Youtube, Facebook, Google and Amazon ads backed by a 110% guarantee.

Maximum Business is among the top 1% of digital marketing agencies. We have combined performance and outstanding customer service with our Facebook and Google advertising experts who are among the best in the industry and have run hundreds of million-dollar success projects through their hands.



Facebook and Google campaigns

USD 5 million

managed client budget


Website and webstore development based on results

Award-winning sales promotion website, web store that is worth the price!

Grow your business with a reliable website that the whole market will love. Our designers and developers are actively building sites in over 7 countries. Your website will load extremely fast and will look great on all devices.

MOre details


successful websites
since 2016


Well-tried SEO (Search Engine Optimization) processes

Drive more relevant organic traffic to your website.

The more stabile visitors you get to your current keywords from Google, the more successful you will be in the market. Measurable results from an SEO revenue generating system with 10+ years of experience.


Most of our SEO campaigns double their traffic within 6 months!

Maximum Business performance 99%
Market leaders’ performance 83%
Most marketing companies’ performance 40%

Facebook, Google, TikTok, Youtube, Amazon ads

Website and Webstore development


Social Media

E-mail marketing

Additional Services

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Our customers love to work with us!

Read what they say about us. A few of the 272 customer opinions:

Ava Cassell

I definitely recommend them!

I run a 4-star hotel of 52 rooms, where the main objective is to keep the amount of guests up and to build our brand in the market. Thank you for the work we did together, I am more than satisfied with you, guys!

Sandra Jones

We got more than we hoped for!

We are very satisfied with working together, thank you for your patience and professionalism! You were proactive, polite, up-to-date, efficient and kind all the time!

Jamie Miller

The best on the American market!

I dreamed up a business. This means the opening of 15 shops in the next 1 year. Maximum Business is the team I owe all my online success to! Congratulations guys, professional hit!



We design in complexity

We don’t believe in Facebook. We don’t believe in AdWords. We don’t believe in SEO, PR articles, e-mail marketing, funnels, campaigns, re-marketing. We believe in all of them together.

We think differently

With our unique company-dependent pay per performance, commission and ownership schemes, we stand out from other marketing companies and go in the complete opposite direction to them. Here, the purpose is to optimize revenue-generating win-win situations and to get the best return on marketing investment as soon as possible.

We act in a system

Online marketing gets quite complex over time, where different areas communicate with each other in a system. Therefore, we work in complex systems, because that’s when it really pays off.

Money, money and money…

Our marketing results


  • revenue of USD 154.3 billion EUR

  • 368% more website visits

  • 325% more social media activity

“I didn’t believe it was possible to do such a professional job in such a short time, but the Maximum Business team achieved it! They far exceeded our expectations and even managed to do something unique and creative that I haven’t had time to do in years!”

Work with us


  • 360 degree marketing service

  • very modest click cost

  • and also low conversion costs per sale

Work with us


  • Woocommerce webshop

  • 1129 orders per month on average

  • annual revenue of USD 500,000

Work with us


We are happy to help you boost your project

Gergo Berta
Director / Owner
Maximum Business


“Hi, I’m Gergo Berta, head of Maximum Business Web Advertising and Marketing Agency!

We founded our company 8 years ago. During this time we have had a few failures that, in retrospect, come in handy, because we learned a lot from them, then, and after gaining the necessary experience, we started to win, so now we have grown to a team of +80 and can help others.

Maximum Business was established to help entrepreneurs and put revenue-generating processes behind their companies in an unmatched 1-3-6-month scheme!”



This is how to make your online business successful

Marketing auditing

We start by conducting a marketing audit of your business, going through a pre-defined set of questions, mapping out what stage your project has reached and, after talking through the processes with an online marketing manager, forming an expert opinion on your project.

If your project is at a stage where we can work together, we move on to the testing period.



Testing period

During the testing period, we work with you within the framework of a fixed 3-6 month scheme and a pre-defined marketing budget. We keep looking for the answer to this question: HOW TO SELL YOUR PRODUCT? During the testing period, as its name implies, you have the opportunity to test us, and we have the opportunity to test your project and our cooperation.

There are many factors that determine the success of a project, and 3-6 months are enough time for your project to come to fruition and to get experience.

Commission-based long-term cooperation

Once the 3-6 months have passed and the collaboration is deemed successful by both of us, we will continue working with you for 3 months on a commission basis, and you will have the opportunity to use our 360° marketing service, at which point we will do our best to increase your online revenue. There are no hidden costs, from now on, our fees and your online marketing budget will be completely predictable.



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Gergo Berta

Feel free to contact me if you are interested in cooperating or if you have any questions.

  • 1.800+ references
  • 85% of companies had immediate return on investment
  • 19 award-winning websites
+36 30 386 2627

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Companies who stand by us

Some reviews from 117 people:

Nice to meet you! Maximum – this is a really apt name, 1000% instead of 100%!

We wanted a website to represent our company’s professional portfolio. Maximum Business brought out the best in it! Thank You!

Super team, super processes! Such is a real Marketing Agency!

Finally a team that thinks differently! For them, “Think different” really works.

We wanted a new website for our Theater Company. What we imagined was completely lost by the team! Thank you! 🙂

They created the online system, website and ads of our entire company (Facebook, Google, Instagram). The whole Maximum Business team did a great job! They were fast, creative and professional! Thank You! 🙂

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