Mobile-optimized video ad

With mobile-optimized ads, you can contact your potential customers or clients where they spend most of their time.

People’s interest can be exquisitely gained for your products and services by short in short, vertical videos that can stimulate them to become more active. You can simply create video ads from your existing photos and videos on Facebook.

The most important thing for you is to present them where your audience spend their time: Facebook and Instagram, as customers nowadays spend more time with their mobile devices than at TV screens.

Do you want to know how you can increase your reach by mobile-optimized video ads? Keep reading.

Benefits of mobile-optimized video ads

Increased activity

Using video ads, you can gain people’s attention on the mobile than using static images. Video will achieve that more people remember your brand and, all in all, you can reach a bigger activity

Video making in minutes

You can easily create low-resource videos using simple tools like Facebook Video Creation Kit or the Mobile Studio in minutes with free templates, without the need for any video editing expertise.

Mobile-optimized design

By mobile ads, you can reach people where they spend most of their time, and short vertical videos designed especially for Facebook or Instant are an effective communication tool for this.

Facebook reveals how you can create mobile-optimized advertisements in minutes without any video editing expertise.


This Is How You Can Create Your Next Video Ad Step by Step

  1. Create a Campaign

Create a new campaign in the Ads Manager. Select the target, the target audience, the positioning and the optimization.

  1. Select the Ad Type

Select Single Image or Video for the ad type.

  1. Upload the Video

Upload your video to the Ads Manager. If you want to continue with the Video Creation Kit, select Create projection or Create a video.

  1. Edit the Video

Click on the option Edit Video and, after cutting or cropping the video, set a custom thumbnail. You can also add captions or texts and logos to your Facebook videos.

  1. Publish the Ad

As the last step, finish and publish your video ad. That’s it!

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