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We are Maximum Business and we are happy to help you boost your project.

„Hi, I’m Gergo Berta, head of Maximum Business Web Advertising and Marketing Agency!

We founded our company 8 years ago. During this time we have had a few failures that, in retrospect, come in handy, because we learned a lot from them, then, and after gaining the necessary experience, we started to win, so now we have grown to a team of 15 and can help others.

Maximum Business was established to help entrepreneurs and put revenue-generating processes behind their companies in an unmatched three-six-month scheme!

In our cooperation, one of the main principles we adhere to at all costs is to consider projects through the eyes of a project owner. I have had different companies before where I used different online marketing and web development services, but the biggest mistake I saw was that marketing people could not see the projects from my perspective, what I saw as purple was pink for them, so we had no common understanding.

So we made the main virtue to our team the fact that we can build the project through Your eyes. We treat advertising budgets as if they were our money, and draw conclusions instead of bells and whistles from the measured data, so we deliver websites in a quality we would make them to ourselves!

Gergo Berta
Administrator / Owner


Our core values


Throughout the existence of our company, we’ve been an active active player in the website development and marketing industries, and we always deliver our projects on the calculated deadline and, of course, we offer a guarantee.


As a matter of fact, all companies are P2P, i.e. personnel to personon firms. Behind companies, there are people, thus, it is respect, kindness, attention and understanding for our fellow men are what characterize our cooperation.


A developer may feel personally successful when he can program a complex task, or a marketing person may feel utter success when having achieved an increase in CTR, but we know that this is not your success! Your success is the complete, fully operational webpage and acceptance of the orders, so we approach our jobs in this regard.


In Maximum Business, we pay particular attention to continuously improving our team members’ knowledge, so that we can deliver the latest trends to our customers.


We love paradigm-shifting, creative ideas, the “insanities” that shake up industries.


Our Team

Successful team = Successful company

Gergo Berta
Managing Director / Owner

Dora Vattay
Project Manager

Daniel Peto
Project Manager

Eleonora Konya
Project Manager

Emese Toth

Anett Hegedus

Flora Toman-Kormoczi

Renata Koszegi

Balint Majer
Web Development, Graphics, E-mail

Akos Czinke
Web Development, E-mail

Attila Bakos
Web Development, Amazon

Gergo Kekesi
PHP Development, Amazon

Peter Gergely
Backend Development

Renata Agardi
Shopify, Hosting

Akos Baranyi

Adam Radnai

Hella Janosi
PPC, ShopRenter, Graphics, Media, PR

Robert Zority

Zsolt Pasztor
SEO, Blog, Social Media

Brigitta Balogh
Copywriter, Posts, Blog, Web text