360° web and marketing service

According to the statistics, the major part of the marketing budget is wasted to no end. Which part of it is not wasted is the holy grail any entrepreneur commissioning an agency with streamlining their online sales would like to know. Numbers show that online marketing agencies include a 1% that know the answer to the above question.

But what does this 360° web advertising and marketing agency mean?

It is a full service where key cash-generating marketing tools such as Facebook, Google advertisements, website creation, SEO (search engine optimization), social media posts, e-mail marketing, etc. are under the same control to help customers generate more revenue.

Maximum Business will be a main speaker at the 9th Hungarian Marketing Festival on January 27, 2022

Gergő Berta, head of the Maximum Business Web Advertising and Marketing Agency, will discuss this among other things as the main speaker of the next Hungarian Marketing Festival, where he will present the participants the current trends of the effective online marketing strategy and digital marketing toolkit for 2022.

And there are plenty of examples of viable experience for Maximum Business, for more than 5.000 business leaders has attended trainings so far, there have been 250 lectures in cooperation with the Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in 7 counties to teach companies how to develop marketing processes that are as successful as possible in their business.

After more than 800 customer references, Maximum Business can be brave to declare their activity can generate sales with a 100% guarantee, the reason for which is more obvious than you can think.

Today, only companies that manage their online appearance comprehensively is eligible to operate among this vast advertising noise, while those who put only single areas in order will be flown right past by the competitors.

For example, the agency has set up a 19-step marketing psychology toolkit for the creation of websites and web shops, and a 35-step “Maximum Business success model” for managing Google and Facebook ads, something that comprises the essence of former results and successes.

Four of the websites created by Maximum Business have won the Webshop of the Year award, and these results entitled Gergő Barta to become a pillar member in its professional jury. Five websites have also won a prize, not to mention the fact that the agency works for companies such as the Coop Online supermarket website and Zepter Hungary.

Beside all the outstanding achievements and professional successes, what else can be an argument in Maximum Business’s favor for a business manager?

Of course, the results of the services can be measured at pin-point accuracy, companies move through the path of success step by step, using transparent weekly reports, coordination and brain storming. In all areas, customers can work with dedicated experts having the highest qualifications and certificates.

Maximum Business cooperate with a company as if it were their own business.

This is the reason why the 1-month test period has been created, where clients can rely on a full blast of the Maximum Business Web Advertising and Marketing Agency team without any further commitment.

This web advertising and marketing service includes the full-range managing of Facebook and Google ads, creating graphics, writing web text, and using the above-mentioned Maximum Business success model, which really generates a growing revenue for your business.

So anyone who wants to build up revenue-generating processes as a company manager or to make them even more efficient, and wants to trust an expert team with an ownership approach to conduct online marketing, your shall cooperate with Maximum Business.