Find the Top 100 most valuable brands in the world

According to the London-based data analysis and brand consultancy firm Kantar Millward Brown‘s “BrandZ Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands”, this year, Amazon continues to be the world’s most valuable brand, being on the top for the third year in a row. Amazon’s value increased by 64 % to USD 684 billion.

The total value of the hundreds of brands on the list increased by 42% to USD 7000 billion.

The second most valuable brand remains to be Apple, with USD 612 billion, which represents an increase of +74%.

From the fourth position last year, search engine mogul Google climbed up to the third place, whose brand value increased by 42% to USD 458 billion. In the meantime, Microsoft has moved back from its third place to its fourth place with a $410 billion brand value, an increase of 26% compared to the previous year.

Another six of the top six entries in the list are the Chinese Tencent, which, improving two places, has climbed up to the 5th place with USD 204,93 billion, showing an increase of +60%. Facebook, at the 6th place, is worth $226,744 billion and the largest social media site achieved an increase of +54%.

Tesla, ranked 47 in the list of 100, is the fastest growing brand, and this is the most valuable car brand, with a value increase of 275% reaching USD 43 billion.

It is also an interesting fact that it has more than doubled its value alongside Chinese brands:

  • in the 11th place, Moutai: USD 109 billion,
  • in the 34th place, Meituan: USD 52 billion,
  • in the 45th place: TikTok USD 44 billion,
  • and in the 81th place, Pinduoduo: USD 22 billion.

13 companies were listed first. Straightaway, Nvidia reached the 12th place (USD 105 billion), in the 52th place we see Zoom (USD 37 billion), in the 57th place Advanced Micro Devices (USD 33 billion), and in the 99th place we see Spotify (a brand value of USD 19 billion).

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